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Thread: Manjaro Linux PS4 v2 is now available

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    Default Manjaro Linux PS4 v2 is now available

    Heres a nice release for the PS4:

    Logically, all PS4 firmware 4.05 / 4.55 (FAT / SLIM / PRO) should now be able to launch and use Manjaro Linux, which I pre-configured by default.
    I have also opened a wiki page on which everyone can refer as PS4 specific documentation, and contribute to it. I also uploaded multiple videos to give you a small preview of the rendering.

    And to be clear, the progress made by the latest patches of the team Psxita are very large, but we are still far from exploiting the full potential of the console on the side of the GPU, there is still work, but, it is already a good start, the homebrew scene now fully open to the PS4 as it now becomes possible to use and play most emulators without the PS2 emulator built into OrbitOS.

    Similarly, we can enjoy wine for some PC games, and Steam under Linux & Windows (via wine, always). It is up to everyone to bring what he can to advance the scene on this point. As some had asked me, I also preinstalled RetroArch, with multiple emulator hearts ... You should have something to do!

    I also split in two the file to restore, on one side the fat partition containing the last Eeply kernel and the initramfs which boots on Manjaro, on the other the ext4 system partition. I made this decision so that everyone can adapt the distribution to his situation, and maybe a developer will eventually find a way to boot Linux from the PS4 without having to go through a Payload.

    In the videos, the OS may seem a bit slow, but in reality it's because it starts from an external hard drive, I strongly advise you to use a SSD + SATA adapter => USB 3.0 to take full advantage of Linux on your console.

    You will find documentation and download links here -->


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