Nice to see the PSVita get new releases, heres the release notes:

Recently, there been alot of talk about using the 'Unity' game development engine, and now developers @SilicaAndPina have put together some handy UnityTools to make it easier to get your games up and running on your hacked/modded PlayStation Vita.

  • -i Input DIR
  • -o output DIR
  • -f Fix the "Unsafe homebrew" bug (that prevents the game from launching if unsafe homebrew is enabled)
  • -u Remove the "trial version" watermark caused by development license in the bottom right corner
  • -r Remove unused files from your build
  • -p Pack to "PC HOSTED" builds to .VPK
  • -d Remove input directory after packing into .vpk

Also, after building a "PC HOSTED" application with UNITY. you can just drag n drop the folder onto the application and it will run: -f -u -r -p -d on it.