Heres some PS4 News for fans of Silent Hill:

P.T. was to the big blockbuster game to regain the glory days of 'Silent Hills' on PlayStation, but it got cancelled and then Konami tried to wipe it out for history as if it never existed in the first place, but lucky for us its been saved in dark corners of web and now we can enjoy trying out the game that will never be on our PS4 consoles that are running the popular exploitable v4.05 or v4.55 firmwares.
Since PT demo isn't the easiest thing to find for your PS4, so I figure I would put it up for everyone to get since it is just a Demo.
This DEMO is made for PS4's running either FW 4.05 or 4.55 and using the HEN/Debugger exploit.

Released for the PlayStation 4 on 12 August 2014 as a free download on the PlayStation Network, P.T. served primarily as an interactive teaser for the game Silent Hills, a canceled installment in the Silent Hill series. After the cancellation, Konami removed P.T. from the PlayStation Store and eliminated re-installing the game, a decision that later spawned criticism and fan efforts to allow P.T. to be re-downloaded.

Download: --> PT Demo

NEWS SOURCE: PS4 P.T Demo/ Fake PKG file for FW 4.05 & 4.55 (via) HackInformer