Heres good news for those with exploitable PS4 Consoles:

As points out belong in their quoted news story, the future of exploiting our v4.55 PlayStation 4 consoles has gotten a bit more exciting, as now it might be possible soon to regain access to PSN and online games on our older PS4 consoles, time will tell.
Previously, we learned for PSN access on jailbroken PS4 consoles beyond spoofing the version string you'll also need to spoof index.dat and X-Passphrase according to scene devs, and today PlayStation 4 developer @zecoxao updated his Github repository with a PS4 port of the PS3 index.dat decrypter called UnDat from fail0verflow.

While PlayStation scene developer Joonie reminds us "most people will just have to forget about PSN for hackable PS4 and likely need two consoles for both general daily gaming and homebrewing" it will be interesting to see what the future holds for PlayStation 4 spoofers and online games.

Download: / GIT

NEWS SOURCE: UnDat: PS4 Index.dat Decrypter Ported from PS3 by Zecoxao (via) PSXHAX