Heres a release for the PSVIta:

@TheheroGAC is on a roll today, with his second Vita release already, this time an improved version of the popular 'VitaShell', check out the mods he made below, and enjoy some more portable Sony gaming love from our wonderful developers!
Compared to the original version it was compiled with the latest source code and includes automatic language support (multi-language), 3 themes (1 by default and Electron and Akatsuki by Acemad ) and support for firmware 3.68 (already added by the developer TheFloW). I remind you that to install this mod it is advisable to delete the contents (files and folders) within the ux0: Vitashell


  • Added multi-language support
  • Reset electron theme
  • Compiled with the latest source code that includes firmware support 3.68
  • Insert new xmc0: and sd0: by Princess-of-Sleeping partitions

Source gamesandconsoles
Source code GitHub


NEWS SOURCE: VitaShell v1.9 Mod0.2 (via) PlayStationHAX