Heres a new rom tool released:

A new tool developed that will be more like the real Swiss Army Knife - a toolbox in one package, easy to use, does few things but do them with precision!The toolbox will is focusing on ripping of visuals from different ROM - Sprites, Graphics, Palettes, Tiles, Ö but not casual ripping rather - finding, documenting, exporting and importing.
Main Features:

  • Mapping of graphics
  • Naming of graphic objects
  • Saving all findings as a document/project for easy reuse
  • Multiple BPP format
  • Multiple compression formats
  • Exporting of graphic objects in PNG
  • easy to manipulate attributes to find out desired graphic (Width, Height, Offset)
  • customizable palette for displaying a graphic with the correct colors


  • Many, many BPP formats and constantly increasing. 1/2/3/4/8 BPP in the specific for SNES interwoven bit-planes format. Mode 7 specific format. Even normal bitmap format that every contemporary PC uses. GBA formats. The list may increase on request from users.
  • Different compression methods. Currently implemented are Final Fantasy V/VI and Chrono Trigger compression methods for SNES. Popular GBA LZ77 with tag 10 (aka LZ77-10)
  • Flexible palette manipulation. Options to read it from ROM address, from ZSNES save-state file, manipulating individual entries, fast access to predefined monochrome palettes.
  • Maximum precision in interpolating ROMís colors to contemporary hardware. For example many tools even editors (like YY-CHR) loose precision in color mapping. For example pure White 31,31,31 is usually mapped to 248, 248, 248. This tool will map it to 255,255,255.