Sounds like Microsoft dont want to admit they are in last place ??

Microsoft happily provided sales figures when the console first launched back in 2013, but the company soon stopped reporting numbers after it passed the 10 million milestone three months after Sony’s PS4. Instead, Microsoft has been largely focused on providing numbers on active Xbox Live users, instead of hardware sales. Even today’s blog post includes “Xbox Live players are up 13 percent,” and that 600,000 friendships have been forged through the new Looking For Group feature. There are also more than 1.2 million clubs on Xbox Live now.

The reason we’re not hearing about Microsoft’s actual sales numbers is because there’s a sizable difference between PS4 and Xbox One sales. EA let slip that Microsoft had sold around 19 million Xbox Ones in January 2016, at a time when Sony was boasting of 35.9 million PS4 sales. Sony has provided regular sales updates, and the company recently revealed it has now sold more than 76 million PS4 consoles. In the previous Xbox 360 vs. PS3 generation, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console managed to secure 32 months as the best-selling games console in the US, before the PS3 briefly broke the record ahead of the PS4 and Xbox One launches.

In a statement to The Verge, Microsoft says it no longer reports total console sales. “We are continuing to look at engagement as our key metric for success and are no longer reporting on total console sales,” says a Microsoft spokesperson. “We continue to see strong growth with time spent on Xbox Live, and look forward to bringing more unprecedented experiences on Xbox One, Windows 10 PC and mobile.”