Another release for the Nintendo Switch:

BernardoGiordano has finished the porting of the popular 'Checkpoint Savegame Manager' from the 3DS handheld over for usage of Switch'es that can run the Homebrew launcher, sadly that is currently limited to v3.0.0 and @Scarlet reports that v2.3.0 works as well, but if you been following the fast-moving Nintendo Scene you will know that will change soon, as video teasers of HBL running on v5.0.x firmwares have been released earlier this week, sadly the second downfall with this 3DS savegame manager port is that it needs the 'touch screen' to use it, which means only backing up your 'saves' via portable mode, not while in 'docked mode', but hey still a ton better then waiting until September 2018 for the 'official' cloud save feature from big 'N', which does not work in all games, and also requires you to be forking over at least 4 bucks a month for it!