The advice is not to upgrade your firmware to try this, confused ?, heres the news:

OK, with that big WARNING above out of the way first, now onto the trending front-page Nintendo Switch Underground Scene News of the hour, for those loving to live on the edge of leading technology hacks, and got all their nipples wet and hard earlier today after seeing the 'teaser tweet and video' posted by @SciresM, you can now enjoy the same joy of $#@!ting your homebrew pants, just don't come crying to us with your RCM 'battery issues' afterwards!
Hello everyone, this is a fork of hekate-ipl I made that works on 5.0.x. You can get it from here. Also please don't ask anyone for support, this is just a temporary fix before real stuff comes out.

Also an important thing - credits:

  • Most importantly - naehrwert - for making hekate-ipl (this is just a small modification in keygen and secmon patches)
    Atmosphere team - for the Loader and SM kernel module reimplementations
  • Switchbrew/hbmenu team - for the nx_hbloader and nx_hbmenu projects


So there you go, if you love to live dangerously, you can check out the links above, but remember most 'homebrew' still only works on v3.0.0, but there is reports the 'Tetris' game does work with this 'temp launcher', but that is about it so far, so for now its best to wait!