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Thread: Hello old friendly forum!

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    Smile Hello old friendly forum!

    I'd completely forgotten about DCEmu. (sorry!) It's been a LONG long time since I was last here.

    I tend to go wherever my coding takes me, and since it's been about a decade since my original DS homebrew, I've leapt onto "official" iOS and dallied with "official" OUYA, before my recent resurgence into "fun/hackytime" 3DS Homebrew. As such, it's been a REALLY long time since I had a collected list of Homebrew sites stocked up on my browser's favourites list.

    Page referrals from here have started popping up in my site's stats, though, mostly due to Wraggster's posting of my games. Thanks for that, Wraggster! You've certainly made this a full time thing, haven't you! Can't believe how much content you're posting. (Assuming you've not just automated the whole thing, mind...)

    So, anyhoo, thought I'd log in using my decade-old account and a much-needed password change, and say hi to everyone.

    \o hello o/

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    hi thanks for posting, certainly not automated just when i can fit newsposting into real life and my PC with windows 10 plays ball

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