Heres a release for coders:

There is so much happening in PlayStation scene it is crazy at times, but this piece of news is for sure a great idea as writing cool homebrew for the PS4 is little hard since normally it involves using the leaked Sony SDK's making your project basically illegal to share!
PS4 LibHomebrew

What's that ?

A Homebrew Library based on the Official SDK. Auto Jailbreaks. No need to do anything here. If you want to change the FW version to compile for (needed for jb & kernel aka lv2 stuff), then set your consoles FW within fw.h like: FW_455 or FW_500 as example. Copy libhb Folder (not the -master one) and his samples into "/target/samples/sample_code/system" of your SDK. Move the "controller.h" from the libhb-master folder to: "/target/samples/sample_code/common/include/sampleUtil/input" That's it your Set Up !

Thanks and used sources:

First of all for sure Sony and the PS4. Without, this wouldn't exists. Also thanks for giving me the chance to learn more about this planet and his machines before they gonna controle us all. Then i crapped various sources which where already available like the one from f0f and ps4-kexec. The unjail patches for both 4.05 and 4.55 where also crapped from the Net. The File System Dumper i ported to use LibHomebrew is the one from wildcard. For sure also Credits goes out to flatz, querty and xerpi. For fpkg, fself, webkit exploit, kernel exploit,..... Oh and not to forget The DarkProgrammer for testing and pointing me onto bugs.