Simon is back with another Switch release:

Scene developer @SimonMKWii is back with handy-dandy utility for the Nintendo Switch, that will soon prove to be very useful for all!
Want your cert to access Nintendo's CDN, but you're not on 3.0.0 anymore so you can't run the PegaSwitch script? Don't worry, I've got you covered! Included in the pack is everything you need to generate a pfx certificate file from a NAND dump!


  1. First, make sure Python3 and both the asn1 and pycrypto modules are installed.
  2. Next, copy your PRODINFO.bin partition into the folder
  3. Now, add the required keydata into "", then run it; this will output the ssl_kek.
  4. Add the generated ssl_kek into "", then run it, that will decrypt your private key and extract your cert.
  5. Then, run "", which will convert the extracted files into DER.
  6. Lastly, run "03_save_as_pfx.bat" to save it as an installable PFX certificate!
  7. Voila! You can now find your generated certificate in the new folder named "Out"!

How 2 get dem keyz???

  • The first key is generated by XORing the AES_KEK (kek_mask 0) with the CryptoUsecase_RsaPrivate seed (kek_seed 1).
  • The second key is the original master key, you can extract it from your keyblobs using hactool.
  • The third and fourth keys are plaintext in the ssl sysmodule NSO.
  • Or alternatively, you can skip this entire step by finding the ssl_kek online, not giving links for obvious reasons... (Trust me, it's out there!)

Massive thanks to @SocraticBliss for helping me out with the python stuff and @SciresM for the RSA calcs required in script 02.

NEWS SOURCE: CertNXtractionPack (via) GBATemp