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Scene developer @rajkosto is back with yet another great release of 'switchtools' on his site, this one allows you to access the internal eMMC 32 NAND module and the inserted MicroSD card as devices on your PC just by loading is special 'memloader v1' payload!
Get my memloader payload from

  • Extract the contents of the "sample" folder in the zip to the root of your microsd, before inserting it into the Switch
  • Run the memloader.bin payload using your preferred launcher (fusee-launcher, TegraRcmSmash, NXLoader, whatever)
  • On the screen, choose ums_emmc.ini to have the eMMC appear as a USB disk, or ums_sd.ini to have the microSD appear as a USB disk on your PC (with volume buttons), then press the Power button to launch selection
  • The screen should clear (but the backlight should still be on) and you should hear a device plugged in notification, and the disk drive should appear (in windows, eMMC does not get a drive letter because there's nothing to mount)
  • This is going to be quite slow (3-6MB/s) as it doesn't run the switch memory at its high frequency (because this requires a non-redistributable proprietary blob), and also u-boot does not use UHS-I modes of the microSD (keeps the IO at 3.3v only), however it's still quite useful for adding/replacing some files on your microSD, or exploring the eMMC partitions via HacDiskMount (the USB disk device is openable as a Physical Drive inside of it)
  • (On Windows, if after launching the ums ini, in device manager you see a device with a yellow exclamation mark, right click and uninstall it, then click the Scan for Hardware changes button to get it to appear properly)

Memloader source code available at

NEWS SOURCE: How to access your Switch's eMMC or microSD card as an USB disk on your PC (via) GBATemp