Nice to see emulators making their way onto the switch:

Scene Developer @jakibaki has been kind enough to port over the GBC Emulator to allow it work on higher firmwares, check it out:
Since retroarch isn't working on anything higher then 3.0 right now I ported the gameboy color emulator khedgb to the nintendo switch. Right now it doesn't have many features (no rom-selection screen, no analog-stick-support) but it's enough to finally enjoy pokemon on the nintendo switch

Simply put the rom to sd:/switch/roms/rom.gbc (exactly this name for the rom!) and start the homebrew. This emulator can't detect when you used the ingame save-feature so you'll have to press the X-button every time after using the in-game save feature. Otherwise the save will get lost after restarting the emulator!

Please don't expect too much from this, I just made this so I could play pokemon and it's not going to get many features. As soon as retroarch gets updated for 5.0 this will instantly become obsolete.

UPDATE: Added audio support and proper scaling! (Many thanks @cpasjuste for the scaling-hint!)
UPDATE2: Fixed a bug where after saving the game for a few times the emulator would crash.

source (you need the sdl2-libraries from the devkit-pro pacman to build this)

NEWS SOURCE: GBC Emulator port - khedgb (via) GBATemp