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Thread: The Switch banning situation

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    Default The Switch banning situation

    Some cautious news for Switch owners:

    Apparently Switch users with hacks installed to use homebrew are getting banned from accessing the eShop and online gaming related services. There is speculation this is triggered by accessing the Nintendo CDN (Content Delivery Network). Read the whole story over at"


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    The real story, is that Nintendo banned people that hacked the Switch. Not just banning people that used homebrew, the bigger picture is that Nintendo know exactly who the modders/coders/hackers are and it's a witch hunt.

    Those of us who are just using homebrew apps, are safe for now. Though the homebrew developers just need to remain somewhat anonymous with Nintendo, because with their anonymity and releasing code, Nintendo cannot ban their consoles if they're smart enough not to share their friend ID or Nintendo profile publicly. The only way the regular homebrew users will get bans, is when online cheating and piracy comes into play, since Nintendo watch everything (Pokémon Sun/Moon on the 3DS is a good example of the user bans).

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