Ok then this is an updated version of WireWar that I done a while ago. WireWar is a little space shooter that aims to be just a quick pick up and play game, with no external graphics. You have 99 seconds to shoot as many rotating squares as you can, but you only get one shot, at a time to start with, so you need to aim well . Also the smaller the square the more points you get and more points for the moving one.

Here some of the changes:
  • Power up, so you can shoot two bullets, if you get 500 points.

  • Another target which moves.

  • Stars in the background.

  • Sounds.

  • Screen glows when you hit a target.

  • Burst of color when you hit a target.

  • Go on and off the screen.

  • Pause menu.

  • A bit more info on the start sceen.

Enjoy, KOR.