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Thread: Microsoft purchases GitHub

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    Default Microsoft purchases GitHub

    In a curious move Microsoft have flexed their cash spending muscle to buy github:

    • After supposed claims that Microsoft was looking into acquiring GitHub, it has now been officially confirmed. In a few months, Microsoft will own GitHub, a major purveyor of open source code. With the prior success of other acquisitions like Minecraft and LinkedIn, GitHub staff claims they feel confident with Microsoft's leadership.

      According to the announcement blog post by the site, innovations will be made with Microsoft's help, though the focus on providing open software will always remain. A new CEO, Nat Friedman, has been appointed as well, while the previous CEO and co-founder of GitHub will be now working directly at Microsoft.

      Of course, this announcement and the rumors leading up to it has caused controversy. Microsoft hasn't always handled its acquisitions well, with many pointing to Skype as evidence of this. GitLab, a competitor to GitHub, has also seen massive registration numbers in the past two days.

      The total transaction cost Microsoft 7.5 billion dollars.


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    And off to GitLab we go.
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