The Nintendo Switch scene is the hottest of the hacking scenes at the moment and heres some more awesome news:

  • Team REBUG tweeted out a picture of there first prototype testing model that has arrived, and @evilsperm is going to install it later on tonight and get to work on the next stage, as they work on a simple 4/5 wire internal modchip for the Nintendo Switch console, which has only been 2 week since they first announced the SwitchME project and asked for few testers with professional tiny soldering skills.

    It has to be noted, this still in very early design stages, first internal tests have to be done by team members before even the selected testers can get a chance and also the final design will be shrunk more and alot smaller over half the size pictured above, so please remember don't bug the team too much right now, and stay tuned for more news updates here in this thread!

    NEWS SOURCE: @Aboshi2011 (via) Twitter