Another day, more birthdays...

Eight, to be more precise.

DCEmu Birthdays

Squiff (51),
HattieNewhall3 (38),
Mac Kell (32)
gaza camanda (28)

But let's see if there are any interesting facts for this particular day...

Gaming Birthdays

Street Fighter II, was released 26 years ago today in Japan.
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, was released 19 years ago in the UK, on the GameBoy Color.
Super Mario Advance, was released 17 years ago on the GameBoy Advance.
Mario v.s. Donkey Kong, was released 14 years ago in Japan, for the GameBoy Advance.
Mario Party Advance, was released worldwide, 13 years ago on the GameBoy Advance.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, was released 13 years ago, on Microsoft Windows and the Xbox (nearly seven months after the PS2).

Computing Birthdays

Apple II, was first shipped 41 years ago by Apple Computer.

Movies and Television Birthdays

Tales from the Crypt, first aired on HBO, 29 years ago.
The Sopranos, had it's infamous series finale 11 years ago.

It looks in gaming birthdays, that Mario has had his fair share of June 10th's. One more Mario birthday, that isn't really noteworthy, is Mario Power Tennis on the Wii got a Selects release on the Wii, in 2012.