Heres an updated release for the all in one hack for Nintendo Switch:

  • Even tho the SX PRO is coming next weekend, there is those that want to do 'Switch Hacking' on their own, or just use SX OS with PC, and if you one of those 'down-to-earth' (bare-bones) modders, then check out this handy-dandy All-In-One package of Switch tools!
    This windows applications allows you to easily extract premade packages for the microsd card, which goes into the switch. Also this tool has TegraRcmSmash by @rajkosto and the drivers included which allow you to launch payloads from your windows machine.

    v1.0.0.3 Changelog:
    • Add the .stub file needed to make hbl work on 5.1.0 ( (thanks @Karthik99999)
    • Updated CTCaer v2.2 -> 2.3 (This fixes the sleep bug) (thanks @Karthik99999)
    • Updated HacToolGUI to newest version. (thanks @peter17ji)
    • Fixed Bug in SDTools -> When "delete" was pressed without anything selected, it crashed

    Hopefully you find this program useful. --- Have fun!
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    • How to use Follow this image guide:
    • Download You can download either an installer (recommended) or a portable version(extract everything, else it won't work) here