The cheater app for the PS4 has just been updated:

  • Hackinformer informs us that handy-dandy PS4 Cheater app, has now been updated from the previous exploitable firmware v4.55 to the latest of holy grail's of firmwares the v5.05, which opens up now cheating in some of the latest PS4 games like GoW.
    There are a few ways to cheat on the PS4 from trainers/mod menus for games like GTV 5, to Game Save Editors like the Save Wizard, to even in-game injection with PS4 Cheater for FW4.05, 4.55 and now 5.05. The PS4 Cheater is an app that lets you find cheat codes by changing the values of the game and then injecting them on the fly, think of it as a cheat engine for the PS4.PS4 Cheater

    Now the PS4 Cheater is not the easiest thing to get working and it does not work for every game like some games have encrypted values that canít be changed on the fly. Some game addresses change from level to level or some changes wonít work at all and change back to their default value automatically. Also, this can be a very tedious and time-consuming but when you do manage to change something in the game itís all worth it in my opinion
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    Grab the updated downloads below, and then head over to our PS4 Cheating Forums which are hosted right here on MaxConsole UnderGround!

    NEWS SOURCE: PS4 Cheater updated for FW5.05 (via) HackInformer