Heres some interesting news for owners of the Nvidia Shield:

  • The similarities between the Nvidia Shield and Nintendo Switch have been pointed out countless times since the console's launch. Especially due to the Tegra X1 chip. When it was revealed that select Nintendo Wii games would be ported to the Shield (for China only), it got people wondering how well they would run, and if its emulation would be passable enough for use on the Nintendo Switch.

    Digital Foundry, a team of reporters that are dedicated to finding how well games run thanks to frame-by-frame comparisons, have decided to tackle Super Mario Galaxy for Nvidia Shield, to test how well the game runs. You can see their entire analysis in the video above.

    If you'd rather see a written report, the parent company of Digital Foundry--Eurogamer has done an in depth article on it as well.

    Based on our tests, Nintendo and Nvidia's emulation work has a lot in common with Xbox One X's enhancement of Xbox 360 games, in that Super Mario Galaxy benefits from a 3x increase in resolution on the X and Y axis, resulting in a 9x boost to pixel count overall. That yields a curious 1920x1404 resolution - a 30 per cent boost over standard 1080p that's downscaled to the display output. It's a curious state of affairs, but almost certainly down to the fact that Wii games usually operate at around 640x480, with the emulator stretching out the horizontal resolution for widescreen support. The emulator effectively works in reverse, running natively on the X axis and downscaling the vertical instead.

    There are other aspects of the presentation worthy of comment too. Looking at Xbox 360 titles enhanced for Xbox One X, we often see a mixture of upscaled 2D bitmaps and vector-based fontography that scales up to the emulator's chosen resolution. Super Mario Galaxy has native type and even some native resolution bitmaps that are subtly different to the originals, while other elements are still based on the 480p core art from the Wii release. It's unclear whether this game received a Chinese launch originally, so there may well be new artwork injected here - there's certainly proof here of a clear improvement over the Western code running under the Dolphin emulator.