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Thread: PsNee news roundup and more...

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    Default PsNee news roundup and more...

    Heres some news from Eurasia:

    This news update is long overdue, but there are reasons for that. Back in 2015 marvin96 posted a story here at EurAsia titled PsNee, an open source Arduino based stealth modchip for PSX (Sony Playstation 1). The project development progressed over at until the website was shut down for several months in 2017, during that downtime I forgot about the project, but fortunately the developers didn't and moved the project to, and now there is also a PsNee Project at GitHub. There has been a lot of progress and this impressive open source modchip is now working stable according to several reports. The source code is multi-region, meaning it will unlock PAL, NTSC-U and NTSC-J machines, handles antimod games while remaining stealth, it supports Arduino ATmega based boards and ATtiny MCU.


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    I've had this ready for about a week now. (had problems with my PC) New version isn't much more gameplay side. No more targets, bullets work now instead. I've also added a nice menu system and 3 different stages this time. There is also a medal system up, and half running. Lets hope you guys like it, and can find useful information inside the script.” Tutuapp 9apps Showbox

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    I'M thinking you need cleans all the old files from restorey.

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