Just found this on Maxconsole but no clue to which console its for lmao, i presume the Nintendo Switch but who knows:

  • GBATemp'er @jakibaki has taken the 'leaked' WAINCartDumperNX which is closed-source, and rip it apart and added the changes to the previous GITHUB repo that clearly the leaked author had taken the code from, and as such now we have 'open-source' dumper that can be updated!
    I added xci-dumping-support to the open-source-cart-dumper!

    This supports all the features that the open-source dumper had plus the dumping of xci-files. Like the closed-source-dumper this doesn't support the new cartridge-format yet (mainly because I don't own any cartridge with the new partition yet).
    • Dumped cartridges are dumped (splitted) to the sdcard in /dump-X.xci
    • On linux/mac the files can be merged by using the following command:
      cat dump-*.xci > path/to/full-game.xci
    • Windows:
      copy /b dump-*.xci full-game.xci

    Please note that sometimes that dumps can get corrupted so please check if hactool can decrypt the all the files and if it can't try again.

    Known issues: Dumping doesn't seem to work on some low firmwares (I could only test it on 5.1)
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    OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://github.com/jakibaki/switch-game-card-dumper

    NEWS SOURCE: Open-Source XCI-Dumper (via) GBATemp