Heres a new release for the Nintendo Switch:

  • The piracy scene is on fire again (with a ton of usual scene drama on top to fuel the flames), after someone 'leaked' an 'Cartridge Dumper', but as @AnalogMan points out below, it does have some limits, like no support for newer (cart2)-type games, but the version attached is now updated with features to dump to FAT32 and to dump only your 'private certs', so check it out:
    Well, this got leaked in ReSwitched discord just a bit ago, so might as well share it. This is a cart to XCI dumper. It has some limitations such as:
    • Cannot dump newest games with a logo partition (cart2)

    I did not make this but I have tested and verified that it works. Place the NRO file in your sdmc:/switch/ folder and run with Homebrew Menu. Have fun.

    NOTICE: Remember, these dumps contain your PRIVATE certificates for your specific cartridge. Sharing such a thing with others could lead to getting all of your consoles banned. Before you ask, scene releases do not have their certs, they were blanked out with 0xFF's. Other than the blanked out cert, the dumps made by this tool are exactly the same as scene dumps.

    PS: WAIN stands for "Without An Interesting Name".

    New & last version, 0.0.3. Support for FAT32 dumping as well as dumping without cert. There will likely be no more updates to this tool to support cart2 games.
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    As NOTED ABOVE, these dumps you make from your original game cartridges are complete including your 'private certs' which is great if you want LESS RISK by going online with your piracy backups, instead of using a NULLed warez release from BigBlueBox, but if you want to be nice and share your 'backup' online with (cough) friends, become a true pirate, with wooden leg and eye patch, you need to use a program like our own MaxConsole XCI Exploder which has options to extract/inject certs., trim/split XCIs.

    NEWS SOURCE: XCI Dumper (via) GBATemp