In the age of cheap smartphones with surprisingly good specifications, some may think that buying a 6.5 year old portable console that was a commercial failure doesnít make sense. However, that isnít exactly case since many talented scene developers have worked hard to make the PSVita more and more worth buying!

What is HENkaku and what can I do with it?
In a few words, HENkaku/taiHEN is a native hack for the PSVita that runs on consoles running FW 3.60 BUT it will eventually (sometime later this year or next year) be available for consoles running FW 3.65-3.68 thanks to TheFlow! HENkaku was originally released in late July 2016 and that gave a new lease of life to the PSVita but what did the communityís efforts result in?

Hacked PSVitas offer you:

  • First and foremost, you can emulate the PSP and PSX natively via Adrenaline, TheFlowís ePSP hack. This is especially great for people, who like me, have their PSP damaged up beyond reasonable repair! Adrenaline has XMB built-in, can use plugins and run PSP homebrew which means that itís great for people wanting to experience the PSPís glory days again!

  • Talking about emulation, there are many RetroArch cores available for the PSVita and some standalone emulators such as mGBA, pFBA and Basilisk II.
  • Apart from emulators, thereís also a great selection of native homebrew with a great number of open-source game ports, Lua games and regular apps that arenít games.
    • Some examples of homebrew available include VitaQuake III, Tetromino (an excellent Tetris clone that also has a Touhou mod available), StarKiller 2D (a PSVita exclusive), Chocolate DOOM, a Half-Life port, various fan-made Zelda games and Blackout (a great Lights Out clone written in Lua).

  • A decent selection of plugins which improve the UI (ShellBat), dim the screen further than default (VitaBright), let you overclock games (oclockvita) and use a DS3/DS4 on your Vita (ds3/4vita) among others.
  • The ability to play backups. I know itís like the elephant in the room but itís no use trying to hide it considering there are websites and even a subreddit dedicated to it.

    adapters so you wonít have to spend a fortune on an overpriced Vita Memory Card!

  • Many other things such as editing save data with GoHAN, reading books/PDFs with Bookr MOD Vita and learning to code via Lua Player Plus or ONELua.
  • Obviously, you can do other things that Sony wanted you do in the firstplace such as play PSVita games, browse the internet and use PS3/PS4 Remote Play. Talking about native PSVita games, you should surely check them out if youíre an anime fan!