Well I know people are reading this daily, because these are the most viewed topics at views between 29 and 92 so there's hope yet. Maybe it's someone's birthday viewing today, that we possibly don't know about? It could be you, the one reading this now who hasn't signed up because you're viewing this as a guest, not able to say "Hey, it's my birthday!" or "It's my birthday and I'm (whatever number) years old today and I got some cool presents!".

Anyway, enough of the introduction (if that's what it was?) and on with the list...

DCEmu Birthdays

the snake lord (51),
misheal (42),
benoitlol (38),
Dodds® (38),
anhipa (38),
Celestial-demon (26)

One birthday that stands out and deserves a second mention, is bandit. Happy birthday, dude. You're pretty much the first name I've recognised in the nine or so days I've been posting these.

Videogame Birthdays

StarCraft 64, was released 18 years ago on the Nintendo 64 (however it never got released in Europe).
Final Fantasy XI: Online, was released 15 years ago for the PS2
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, was released 10 years ago for the PS3.
Metal Gear Solid: Online, was also released alongside MGS4 for the PS3.

Movies and Television Birthdays

Raiders of the Lost Arc, the first Indiana Jones movie was released 37 years ago.
Batman and Robin, the one Batman movie we wish we could all forget is 21.
Transformers, hit the big screen 11 years ago today.
Toy Story 3, is eight years old already... But how old really, is Andy?