Not heard of this before:

WORLD of JOYSTICKS Standard Edition v1.586 is released. This is a Emulator of Keyboard, Mouse and Xbox 360 Controller for Windows.

Main Features:
1. Supports XInput gaming controllers with customizable vibrations.
2. Supports DirectInput gaming controllers with customizable vibrations.
3. Supports playing with multiple joysticks simultaneously.
4. Soft Axes movement together with "Dual-Speed Axes" feature for precise aiming with joysticks.
5. Supports any smartphones and tablets with HTML5 web-browser as Touch Gamepads. (Cross-platform)
6. Supports Orientation with X,Y,Z Axes (Flight Simulators) and customizable Vibrations for mobile devices.
7. Layout Editor for creating user-defined HTML layouts for mobile devices.
8. Playing with joysticks and mobile device simultaneously. (Telescopic gamepads)
9. Xbox 360 Controller Emulator for any other gaming controllers, with vibrations.
10. Full control of Windows by Xbox Controller.
11. Radio-player controlled from the system tray or by joysticks.