Another day passes, people and things get older by exactly one whole day. But this is birthdays and they come once per year, on different days for different people.

DCEmu Birthdays

WillieJJ (63),
LoLosyz (44)

Gaming Birthdays

Ghosts 'n Goblins, was released 32 years ago for the Famicom.
Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel, released 12 years ago on the PSP.

Movies and Television Birthdays

Licence to Kill, the sixteenth James Bond movie was released 29 years ago.
The Amazing Spider-Man, premiered at the Tokyo Film Festival six years ago.

Famous Birthdays

Tim Allen, (Santa Claus, Buzz Lightyear) is 65 today.
Chris Evans, (Captain America) is 36 today.

Today seems to be a poor day historically, but one interesting fact that never made it to the list...

Jason Voorhees, from the 1980's horror franchise was born today in 1946. I guess that day was a Friday.