This one's a little later today, but they always say it's better late than never... Unless it's to work, which could result in getting fired.

DCEmu Birthdays

Grandpa Simpson (78),
wicak_3dan (34)

Wow, there are only three birthdays here today. It's a good thing I've figured to fill it out with other forms of birthday, such as release dates (they count as birthdays).

Videogame Birthdays (or "This Day In Gaming" as I should rightfully call it)

Tetris, was released on the GameBoy in Japan 29 years ago today. Japan never had Tetris as a launch title.
Tetris 2, was released on the GameBoy in Japan, 25 years ago (today must be a Tetris birthday in Japan).
Super GameBoy, was released 25 years ago in Japan for the Super Famicom.
Donkey Kong, was also released on the GameBoy in Japan, 25 years ago.
StarWars: Shadow of the Empire,was released 21 years ago in Japan for the Nintendo 64.
CAPCOM vs. SNK Pro, was released 17 years ago in Japan for the Dreamcast.
Pikmin, was released outside of Japan, for the GameCube, 16 years ago.
Batman Begins, was released 13 years ago on the Xbox, PS2 and GameCube. There was also a version released on the same day for the GameBoy Advance.

Movie and Television Birthdays

Bambi, was released 76 years ago.
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, premiered 27 years ago.
Cable Guy, that dreadful Jim Carey movie was released 22 years ago.
Man of Steel, was released five years ago... So today is the DCEU's (not DCEmu) fifth birthday.