It's Monday, there's birthdays and some of us have to work and the lucky ones (myself included) get to stay home and play... Hey, I worked my last four birthdays (today isn't my birthday just in case anyone wondered). lol

But for those of you, who have birthdays and have to get up for work this Monday. Have a good day.

DCEmu Birthdays

FunKing (45),
fonck (45),
xmod (44),
Tomlo (31),
Gabba Gandalf (27),
We Are 138 (27)

Videogame and Console Birthdays

Sonic Adventure 2, was released 17 years ago for the Dreamcast.
Sonic Adventure DX, was released 15 years ago for the GameCube.

Television and Movie Birthdays

The Blues Brothers, was released 38 years ago.
DodgeBall, premiered 14 years ago (a few years later they were giving it away free on UMD).
The Terminal, released 14 years ago today also... Crackers and ketchup sound good about now (it's 7am here).
Tenth Doctor, we first saw the tenth doctor (Doctor Who) 13 years ago... Who was none other than David Tennant.
Jonah Hex, opened eight years ago (hopefully we see a new Jonah Hex in the current DCEU).