Team Xecuter have released their Modchip for the Nintendo Switch:

  • Earlier today, we leaked the news that SX OS was finally going live later on this evening, and it did so a little while ago and there has already over 1k downloads and many happy SX OS users around the world are already enjoying wonderful homebrew, powerful Linux and the very latest in Switch games on their now fully unlocked Nintendo console, so check out below their official launch PR, and when you read thru it below, notice the nice gift that TX is allowing us, 'homebrew' for FREE, no license is needed!
    SX OS is a custom firmware that can be used with the SX Pro tool kit (strongly recommended for ease of use and safety) or for advanced users as a stand alone OS.

    Once you download SX OS from our website, please follow the basic tutorial also available on the same page to install it on your Nintendo Switch. A complete tutorial and advanced manual will be available in the days to come.

    If you did not purchase a SX Pro or a SX OS license, Team-Xecuter still provides FREE homebrew support and loading from a non activated SX OS install. This is a small gift to all 'sceners' who are only interested in homebrew. After all, Team-Xecuter also comes from the homebrew scene and after all these years, we are still glad to contribute now and then to this scene who brought us where we are now.

    To unlock ROMs loading and more advanced functions, you need to purchase a SX Pro our top selling product or SX OS license. They are available from resellers worldwide. A list of trusted distributors can be found HERE.
    • If you did purchase a SX Pro, then your license is included in your dongle. Simply follow the instructions from our quick tutorial.
    • If you purchased a SX OS license, then once your vendor email it to you, please use it and follow instructions from our quick guide to activate it.

    OK, we know you are eager to test it out, so we will stop here. SX Pro and SX OS are a year in the making. It required massive team work from all of Team-Xecuter members to reach this V1.0 we believe will be your best purchase on Nintendo Switch.
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    As usual here is a few Q&A for the early SX OS users that have already downloaded our SX OS:

    • Q: How do I re-enter TX boot menu
      Press and hold vol+ and keep holding until you see the TX splash screen

    • Q: How do I access my albums while in SX-OS CFW mode ?
      Hold down L while opening album

    • Q: How do I access HomeBrew ?
      Hold down R while opening album

    • Q: How do I load my backup roms ?
      Simply enter album an select you rom file, all rom files should be placed in the root directory of the console micro SD

    • Q: HomeBrew menu loads but none of my apps are showing, what is wrong ?
      Please try re-format the micro-SD card using a windows machine, we have encountered this issue when using OS-X ex-fat formatted cards.

    But as usual, it is a work in progress. We received a lot of requests for new features to be added in future updates, and our skilled developers are already working on it even as V1.0 is only being rolled out.

    We really value your purchase, and we will do our best to bring you the best new updates and features in the years to come.