Another day for birthdays is upon us, which just so happens that three of my favourite games have birthdays today.

DCEmu Birthdays

lwg72472 (45),
frankjrluna (36),
sooooopernate (33),
SinfullyDreaming (31),
Jeanie83 (31)

Videogame and Console Birthdays

Final Fantasy Tactics, one of my favourite PSone games was released 21 years ago in Japan.
Saturn Bomberman, was released 21 years ago today, on the SEGA Saturn.
Sonic JAM, was also released 21 years ago today in Japan, for the SEGA Saturn... I know where my time machine is set.
Wario World, was released 15 years ago on the GameCube.
Yesterday, an adventure/point-click game by Péndulo (their only good mobile game) was released 6 years ago on Android and iOS.

Television and Movie Birthdays

JAWS, was released 43 years ago.
Batman and Robin, that really bad Batman movie was released 21 years ago.
Hulk, premiered 15 years ago and 1uickly got a reboot five years later.