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Thread: Fortnite hits $100m revenue in its first 90 days on iOS

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    Default Fortnite hits $100m revenue in its first 90 days on iOS

    Just 90 days after arriving on iOS, Fortnite generated $100 million in revenue, earning 335 per cent more than its closest battle royale rival on the platform, Knives Out.
    Hitting $25 million revenue in its first month, and $50 million after 45 days, user spend has shown no signs of slowing down since the game went live on iOS in March, according to the latest report from mobile intelligence firm Sensor Tower.
    In comparison, Tencent's wildly popular Honor of Kings -- known as Arena of Valor in the West -- earned only $33 million during its first 90 days on iOS, and took 179 days total to reach $100 million revenue.
    Of course, it's worth noting that Honor of Kings was available only in China during that period, whereas Fortnite has yet to arrive in the region, but a deal is in place for Tencent to publish the game there on iOS.

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    How do all these children playing [I won't even type it's name] amass to $100m?

    There are literally thousands of better games out there and they choose this one? I seriously don't get it? There is an influx on battle royale games and people are buying into them, which isn't really a new concept if you take older multiplayer games like Goldeneye into consideration (which had four players).

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