Another day goes by and someone, somewhere has a birthday and I bet they still have to goto work (because I doubt anyone here is under 20 in 2018).

DCEmu Birthdays

ViCcO (34),
Linux_Rocks (32),
Wattzking (31),
V3N0M (28),
season758 (27),
Chris_2 (26)

Videogame and Console Birthdays

SCAT, was released 28 years ago on the Famicom.
Galaga, was released 28 years ago on the Famicom Disk System.
Blue Almanac, was released 27 years ago on the MegaDrive, in Japan.
QUAKE, was released worldwide on DOS (or Windows 95), 22 years ago.
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2, was released 18 years ago for the Dreamcast, in Japan.
MegaMan: Anniversary Collection, was released 14 years ago for both the GameCube and PlayStation 2.
Sam & Max: Season One, was released 11 years ago as a physical Microsoft Windows title.
Guitar Hero: On Tour, was released 10 years ago on the DS.
Rock Band: Special Edition, was released 10 years ago on the Wii.
Sam & Max: They Stole Max's Brain, the third instalment to the Devils Playhouse series, was released 7 years ago on Windows, Mac and PS3.
Star Odyssey, was released 7 years ago on the Genesis. 20 years after it's release as Blue Almanac, in Japan.

Television and Movie Birthdays

The Fast and The Furious, was unleashed onto the world 17 years ago.
Dr. Dolittle 2, also released 17 years ago.
Herbie: Fully Loaded, graced the big screens 13 years ago and forever tarnished the Herbie franchise.
Brave, was released six years ago.