Well today brings a new day of birthdays, a day of which none of the members who have birthdays, ever made a post during their stay. Though the videogame birthdays are all titles I've played and the movie birthdays are movies I've seen. So it can't all be doom and gloom.

DCEmu Birthdays

fnx (32),
Pyroclasm (30),
Shady (30),

Videogame and Console Birthdays

Golden Axe III, was released 25 years ago for the SEGA MegaDrive in Japan.

Super Street Fighter II, was released 24 years ago in Japan for the Super Famicom and SEGA MegaDrive.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, was released 20 years ago in Japan, for the SEGA Saturn.

Final Fantasy VII, was released 20 years ago for Windows 98.

Television and Movie Birthdays

Blade Runner, was released 36 years ago.

Independence Day, was released 22 years ago.