Heres a new New release of the Nintendo Switch app:

  • Once you have a nicely hacked (modded) Nintendo Switch console, you need a easy way to manage all your homebrew, games, and custom files on your SDCard, without using the PC all the time, and this homebrew does just that, install it, and manage away, plus this latest update adds a ton of new features, and even an 'audio player', so its well worth upgrading to and using on your Switch console.
    Similar to other software with ‘Shell’ in its name like VitaShell, NX-Shell is a file manager for hacked Nintendo Switch devices by Joel16. As of right now, it only lets you access the SD card (i.e no access to system partitions just yet) and has the following features:
    • A Cyanogenmod/LineageOS-esque theme which is present in Joel16’s other work such as 3DShell and CyanogenPSP
    • Dark mode which is great if using it in the dark
    • The ability to copy/move/paste and rename files and folders
    • A picture viewer with support for PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF images
    • An audio player with support for MP3, WAV and OGG formats among others – added in this release
    • Many other features such as a ZIP extractor and the ability to sort files and folders

    NX-Shell Beta 3 brings along:

    • Touchscreen support by StevenMattera.
      This is a great addition since NX-Shell UI’s has an Android-esque feeling which of course implies the presence of a touchscreen
    • An audio player that supports MP3, OGG, WAV, MIDI (reported to be not working), FLAC and MOD formats.
      Of course, it supports pause/play functionality but you can only go between files via next/previous when listening to MP3 files.
    • An on-screen keyboard, based on the stock Android 5.0+ one, that enables you to create new folders and rename files as both actions require some type of text input; something that was not possible before this release.
    • The right/left d-pad buttons can now be used to skip to the beginning or end of a directory.
    • Some bugs were fixed including one which stopped NX-Shell from working properly when opening empty directories

    As demonstrated by the above, this update is pretty substantial and it’s strongly advised to install it whenever you have time.
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    NX-Shell Beta 3 GitHub page (download link + changelog + donation link):