It's the first day of July, the weather is weird and something that's definitely weird and I do it anyway... I post these daily, whether or not anyone reads them, or it's the Google hits detecting as guests (we may have all those guests?). Though there are 11 birthdays today and a few games, even the NEO GEO has it's birthday today (along with it's launch titles - which didn't make the list).

DCEmu Birthdays

alessiobrizi (43),
luvproductionz (38),
Lt Falcon (36),
Timale-Kun (34),
tmntfanatic (31),
ScarletShadow (29),
numanuma28 (26),
V1CT0R (25)

Videogame and Console Birthdays

NEO GEO, was released 27 years ago (1991) in the United States and Japan. Which there were 15 launch titles

Duke Nukem, was released 27 years ago for DOS.

Spice World, was released 20 years ago on the PlayStation.

Railroad Tycoon II: Gold Edition, was released 18 years ago on the Dreamcast.