Hey, it's souLLy's birthday today... He's 35, happy birthday!

souLLy, is like royalty in the Wii homebrew scene for those of us who know him and and have his name on the Homebrew Channel splash screen... Constantly sparking an "I know that guy!" moment every time.

DCEmu Birthdays

Plod (47),
eunicee1972 (46),
tymlee (37),
souLLy (35),
Bus1nessboy (31),
AKB (31),
Weed-4-me (29),
Ravewulf (27)

Videogame and Console Birthdays

Tetris 2
Released 24 years ago, in Japan, for the Super Famicom.

Street Fighter Alpha 3
Released 19 years ago, in Japan, for the Dreamcast.