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Thread: DCEmu Back to Normality after Sunday

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    Default DCEmu Back to Normality after Sunday

    Major apologies for the lack of news recently, ive been focused on the World Cup and the amazing run by England, after sunday its all done and dusted and i can return to normal newsposting and much less stress than watching football

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    Never watched a single game. but by the quarter finals I knew England wouldn't get to the end... I'd gotten fed up with hearing the drunks shouting "Footballs Coming Home" by the quarter finals, which I felt the need to lecture a few on what the term meant and how it's been taken out of context an has no meaning from when it was first a song 22 years ago.

    22 years ago, it actually meant it was at home because it was Euro 96' (not a World Cup) which was held in England, which the 2030 World Cup could potentially be held in England though (they only sold 2026 a month or so ago).

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    Well at least England made history by winning for the first time in a world cup 4-3 in penalties against Columbia (with some luck of course) and got as far as the semifinals in a while. Nevermind, there's always the next one in 2022.

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