Fortnite maintained its standing as a revenue monster in Q2, compared to its App Store fellows and compared to games on Google Play. The game made over $40 million in net revenue in the US alone three months after launch, and brought in an average revenue per install (ARPI) of $3.47.
For the period of April 1 through June 30, SensorTower's quarterly report shows that Fortnite was ranked the fourth most-downloaded game in the US on iOS and the sixth most-downloaded game across both iOS and Android (despite not being available on the latter).

Its revenue success is especially notable when compared to other battle royale games over a similar period of time. For example, Fortnite's 90-day $3.47 ARPI is far and above PUBG Mobile's $0.13 ARPI three months after its launch. That $40 million in US revenue over the first 90 days is also far above US revenue for PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival, and Knives Out (none of which scraped 10 million over their first 90 days), and Fortnite continues to be a revenue giant according to a report from Apptopia today estimating that Fortnite mobile has brought in $160 million worldwide since its launch.