• They go through a number of PS4 chipsets starting off with Aeolia, the PS4 southbridge, then moving on to Syscon, and finally the Dualshock4.

    fail0verflow cover several power analysis methods such as DPA (Differential Power Analysis), CPA (Correlated Power Analysis) and glitching techniques. I find the articles really deep and interesting, huge thanks to fail0verflow for sharing.

    Perhaps a little bit odd there's no mention of the power analysis pioneer Colin O'Flynn and his ChipWhisperer hardware, which is hard to avoid when doing any kind of power analysis research. I was involved in a skunkworks project back in 2017, not related to PS4, but I was using ChipWhisperer, highly recommended tool.

    via https://www.maxconsole.com/threads/p...verflow.47611/