Been a while becuase of real life issues but we are back with some Switch news:

  • Last we heard from TX they were searching for Switch'es that have been patched by Nintendo in the factory, and they have just announced today that support for these so-called "unhackable switch'es" will be coming in due time from the developers at Xecuter, so stay tuned for more news regarding this amazing development in the near future, in the meantime, read their official announcement below regarding the IPATCH changes as they slowly work on getting to the bottom of it, and finish working on releasing complete SX PRO and SX OS support in due time!
    Dear fans, we hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

    Recently, it has come to our attention there's a new revision of the Nintendo Switch in the wild which is incompatible with our SX Pro product. This isn't simply an incompatibility with SX Pro but rather appeared to be a fix of the infamous "USB RCM" exploit.

    Naturally, we had to locate one of these new Switch units to get to the bottom of this. Our new Switch unit arrived to us at firmware version 5.1.0 and what we found out is the following (sorry, time to get a bit technical):

    One of the IPATCH entries in the fuse set (entry #3) has been replaced with a new patch. The old patch patches the bootrom location 0x10fb3c with the value "00 20" (mov r0, #0 in thumb), and the new patch patches the bootrom location 0x10769a with the value "00 21" (mov r1, #0 in thumb). This new patch effectively zeroes out the upper-byte of the wLength field in the USB RCM endpoint 0 handling code.

    Those who are paying attention probably wonder how we know the exact details of this IPATCH entry change, since we can't read out the fuses without our precious USB RCM exploit, right? It is a classic chicken and egg problem.

    The answer is obvious: There is more than one coldboot bootrom exploit, and it is not just the warmboot one.

    So don't fear: we will deliver a solution for these new "unhackable" switches in due time!

    Thank you for attention.