The Nintendo Switch is getting the perfect addition to play Super Smas Bros:

  • As you all know by now, Super Smash Bros. is coming to the Nintendo Switch, but what kind of fun is playing it on those tiny little 'Joy-Con's, well don't worry by button smashing happy, as the GameCube controller is coming back along with a nice 10 foot wired cable!
    PDP has a GameCube-themed controller coming just in time for the arrival of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in December, which honors the game’s heritage and three mainstays of Nintendo’s ensemble fighting game.

    The wired controller comes in three designs — Pikachu, Link and Mario. The best part is the controller’s C-stick is swappable, meaning players can have a full throwback experience with the original C-stick shape and design or an updated, full size twin-analog stick control scheme.

    Each design will have center badge reflecting its character’s theme. The controller is wired by a 10-foot USB cable that “ensures you stay connected during crucial moments and ... gives you plenty of room to get comfortable.”

    PDP did not give a specific release date for this controller, advising that fans simply check back for its availability. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches for Nintendo Switch on Dec. 7.
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    NEWS SOURCE: Nintendo Switch is getting a GameCube-styled Smash Bros. controller (via) PolyGon