News of a WIP Custom Firmware for the Nintendo Switch:

  • It does not much yet, but @Reisyukaku has finally released to the public her 'modular custom firmware' called 'ReiNX' on a GITHub page.
    What is ReiNX?: Its a modular custom firmware for the Nintendo Switch that uses 'smart' patching for future proofing and just works™

    • Loads all KIPs from /ReiNX/sysmodules/ directory
    • Optional custom kernel/secmon/warmboot
    • Default kips with exefs redir from /ReiNX/title/{tid}

    Future plans: I want to maintain the modularity of the codebase and focus on custom sysmodules.

    Credits: See github page.


    • Q: Is your code political?
      No. My code isn't sentient enough to understand politics. But considering it runs on anyone's switch, I can assume it's at least not a bigot.

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    Official Release Site: -->
    Official Discord Discussion: --> (Discord supports free speech and memes)