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Thread: SWITCH RELEASE: CDNSP - Download & repack your games, updates, and DLC's to NSP!

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    Default SWITCH RELEASE: CDNSP - Download & repack your games, updates, and DLC's to NSP!

    Not a release i would use but each to their own:

    • CDNSP is a Python3 CDN downloader. It needs the requests library (pip install request). tqdm (pip install tqdm) is optional and will make your progress bars look better. Maybe some more, I'm not sure.
      rkk said:
      What it can do:
      • Print useful info about a titleid (name, available updates)
      • Download games, updates, DLC's and even system update, in their entirety (that means all the available content, logo, legal info, ...) is downloaded
      • Batch download everything explicited further up
      • Resume downloads right were you left them at
      • Repack games, DLC's, updates as ready-for-install NSP's

      What it does:

      • Download and extract the CNMT (content metadata) NCA, and parse it to find the other content to download
      • If you want to repack your download as NSP, it will generate a CNMT.XML file
      • Generate the TIK and CERT:
      • for private content the CERT (non console nor game-unique) will be copied and renamed appropriately. The TIK will be generated using a blanked out file taken from BBB's Yooka-Laylee dump, and plug in the titlekey and titleid. To generate the TIK for private content, the titlekey is REQUIRED
      • for public content, it will directly download the CETK from Nintendo's servers, and extract the TIK and CERT.
      • Download everything else
      • And finally, repack everything to an NSP

      To get started, you need:

      • hactool, and its keys
      • A console-unique certificate, in PEM format (I have included a PFX to PEM converter script, simply drag your PFX over it)
      • The ShopN certificate, in PEM format (this one is included in the zip)
      • Edit your config in the CDNSPconfig.json

      Cheers! To get you started, I have also included a small list of 859 TitleID's.
      Click to expand...
      Due to nature of this release, and fact it needs keys, and certs, and will get your console banned, there is no links, use 'google'.

      NEWS SOURCE: CDNSP - Download & repack your games, updates, and DLC's to NSP! (via) GBATemp


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    Using CDNSP is already getting consoles banned (because it's directly downloading from Nintendo's eShop server and people are still playing online), but in all honesty I don't think anyone in the GBATemp community really cares for staying unbanned after September when Nintendo begin charging for online gameplay (currently it's only the Nintendo released titles).

    But each Nintendo ban wave is different, as the early hackers were getting everything frozen such as their Switch and their NID (so they couldn't move to a different console). The second ban wave stopped people from accessing the eShop (so they are f'd if they didn't grab Pokémon Quest) and a recent ban wave rendered consoles useless for the eShop and using CDNSP, meaning if they don't have Pokémon Quest for the devmenu, they're basically looking an unupdatable brick. The next ban wave, nobody knows when it's coming (I predict the second week in August), but it's going to be a big one for those of us using SXOS, which will leave us stranded on 5.1.0 for a very long time.

    Nintendo are going further than what they did with the 3DS pirates, they're hitting harder each time and I don't blame them... Although I will be hit soon enough, just hopefully not so hard as I've still got money in my eShop wallet.

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