Catching up on releases, heres another Switch release:

  • Application doesn't require Root on your device. SX Loader payload bundled as default.
    Menos said:
    The main difference from NXLoader is the ability to quickly change the payloads you need by preloading them. You can choose any needed payload once the USB cable connected to your Switch. If you will find any issues feel free to report it. Or maybe you have some good ideas, you can also tell me about them. I am open any kind of pull requests (especially for new languages support).

    • Launch application
    • Find a cable to connect your device to the Nintendo Switch. For proper work, this should be a cable that is designed for data transmission, not just for charging. It is advisable to use an A-to-C cable and an USB OTG adapter.
    • In the "Payloads" category, click the "+" button to select preloaded payload from your device's storage. Or simply transfer your payload to the Rekado folder in the device's memory. Or you can use the default payload (SX OS)
    • Enter your Nintendo Switch into RCM mode in any convenient way. Your Nintendo Switch will power on by itself when plugged in, be sure to hold VOLUME +
    • Connect the device to the Nintendo Switch and allow permission for the USB access if necessary. Wait until the program prompts you to select payload and choose the one you need
    • Wait for payload to finish loading on your console


    • Q: Does application require Root?
      Application doesn't require Root on your device.

    • Q: Can it brick my device/console?
      This should not happen when using the "correct" loaders. But I am not responsible for possible problems.

    • Q: Will Recado ever run Linux?
      In the near future, this is definitely not to be expected. Maybe in the future.


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    NEWS SOURCE: Rekado - fusee launcher for Android (via) GBATemp