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  • "My Idea was to make a way of listing all my XCI files and show their info without need to open file by file. I'm a newbie on C# so the code is not beauty." - u/gibajr
    NotMii said:
    To be fair, I'm a noob too. My C#/coding skills are sub-par. Any help would be appreciated!

    Since his release, I've added a couple of things in my fork:
    • Batch trimming
    • Batch file renaming (only use if you're too lazy to rename them to something coherent)
    • Display file names instead of path
    • Misc. bug fixes

    As always, I haven't extensively tested this release. I'm curious how long it takes to batch trim/rename 200 files, but I don't have the time or bandwidth to test that. If you find a bug or something isn't working right, submit an issue on GitHub or reply here!
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    My Latest Release: --> GitHub Download
    Original Release: --> gibaBR's GitHub Source

    NEWS SOURCE: XCI Organizer (based on XCI Explorer) (via) GBATemp