Nice to see some Xbox 360 Homebrew News:

  • The Aurora Dashboard gets an update with some fixes for your rgh enabled Xbox 360 consoles.
    There have been some bug reports since we released 0.7b (including a crash), so we have created a hotfix to take care of some of them:

    • (Fixed) RSS Feed crash
    • (Fixed) FileBrowser header saying 'Testing File Browser'
    • (Fixed) NetISO showing up in the menu even though its been disabled
    • (Changed) tray state empty in webui to idle
    • (Fixed) String Conversion issue in Msgbox Task Handler that impacted confirmation screens in the Saved Game Updater
    • (Added) Additional languages

    Supported Languages:

    • English - Default Language
    • German - Translated by saywaking
    • Turkish - Translated by saywaking
    • Dutch - Translated by Mattie
    • French - Translated by NordSudTeam
    • Simplified Chinese - Translated by RichardLWJ
    • Russian - Translated by Wisher
    • Spanish - Translated by Gromber

    Thanks: Thank you for all the reports, we appreciate all your input.

    Support: Please post bugs in the support forum, or check out #RealModScene on Efnet for support.

    Version numbers:

    • 0.7b.1 r1622 Binaries
    • 0.7b.1 r1622 Skin
    • 0.7b.1 r1622 NOVA

    Download: The release package is intended for clean installs. Do not use the release package to update from an existing Aurora version, as critical file/folder changes are not executed this way. Use the updater to update a previous version instead.

    Aurora 0.7b.1 - Release Package.rar

    • MD5: 3F616CCD3C4B3729E3270719EF40FBD6
    • SHA1: C5ECAE772DA360ED2F28ECF59BCB212F2FC51C96
    • SHA-256: 4BF34436FA4309A490234979A9C01F89DD71989CB230E0D3AA BA766AD705F5CC

    Note: This update is available via the Auto Updater in Aurora.

    Donations: We would like to thank the people who have donated to us so far. If anyone else would like to show their support feel free to here!

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