Heres a new custom firmware release for the Nintendo Switch:

  • Scene developer @rajkosto whom is famous for releasing a bunch of neat utilities like HacDiskMount, etc. and now released his own 'custom firmware' that includes most of features from Atmosphere and from ReiNX, plus also adds the much needed 'sigpatches'.
    Extract the contents of the zip onto the root of your microSD (overwriting everything when prompted), then run payload.bin using TegraRcmSmash or whatever USB payload injector you have !

    Select "Launch firmware" from the Hekate menu, select the appropriate profile, and you should be good to go !

    • Works on all Nintendo Switch firmwares AUTOMATICALLY, no need to manually swap files around on your microSD !
    • Supports homebrew via hbloader and hbmenu (Hold "R" to enter hbmenu via Album button on firmwares newer than 1.0.0)
    • Supports exefs redirection, exefs patches, sigpatches
    • Supports extra options like LayeredFS (for romfs patches) and PreventGCUpdate via launch menu options!

    Contains the following open source software:

    Ask your questions in this thread, no need to go to a separate Discord !
    Serious discussion only, please do not spam it up with joke posts/bickering.
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